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Angela Novas McGill

Angela Novas McGill is a native of Spain. She attended the University of Madrid. She immigrated to the United States soon after college.  While in college she lived and worked for short periods of time in England, Holland, France, Switzerland, and Germany. 

Angela Novas McGill

Maria Vittoria
Managing Attorney

Maria’s passion for immigration law started at an early age. She knew early on in life that she wanted to be an attorney and advocate for the rights of others. She obtained her associate degree in paralegal studies and began her legal career here at the Law Office of Angela Novas McGill as a legal assistant in 2012. 

Maria Vittoria

Certified Immigration Specialist

If you or someone you love is facing immigration difficulties, has been charged with a crime, or has family law issues which need legal attention, you may find the help you need at the Law Office of Angela Novas McGill. Long Beach Attorney McGill has been practicing since 1997 and is certified as an Immigration and Nationality Law Specialist by the State Bar of California. Ms. McGill and her staff speak fluently in both Spanish and English.

Attorney McGill and her associates have for the past twenty three years represented clients in a variety of immigration matters including deportation defense, immigration bond hearings, employment and family based visas green cards, applications for asylum,  waivers of inadmissibility , green cards for victims of domestic violence, U visas for victims of certain crimes, and appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and to the federal courts. Attorney Maria Vittoria joined the firm as an attorney in December of 2018. Ms. Vittoria graduated law school with an immigration certificate as a result of an emphasis on immigration related courses.

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Deportation Defense

Ms. McGill has represented hundreds of immigrants in the immigration courts including permanent residents that the US government is trying to deport because they have been convicted of a crime or those that are sent to the immigration court because they are undocumented. Both attorney McGill and attorney Vittoria appear frequently in the Los Angeles immigration courts and periodically in courts throughout the U.S. Learn More

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

If you or a loved one is being charged with a crime you should look for legal advice as soon as possible. Even more so if you are not a United States citizen as certain criminal convictions that appear to be minor can have grave consequences for an immigrant. Here, at the law Office of Angela McGill, we have experience with the intersection of criminal and immigration law and, if a client is charged with a crime, we would try to negotiate an immigration neutral offer from the D.A.

If you are an immigrant who has an old conviction you should consult with an experienced criminal and immigration lawyer to assess what consequences, if any, your conviction may have regardless of when it happened. In California there are several vehicles whereby one can go back to the criminal court and obtain relief such as expungements, motions to vacate the conviction or sentence, reduction of felonies to misdemeanors and certificates of rehabilitation.

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Family Law Attorneys

Ms. McGill and Ms. Vittoria represent clients in the courts of Los Angeles and Orange counties in all family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, annulments, paternity, temporary orders, custody and child support, spousal support, guardianships,  post judgment modifications of existing orders, domestic violence restraining orders and step-parent adoptions.

When you and your family are enduring a difficult family law matter such as divorce, child custody or child support,  or an action to establish paternity, it is important for you to have a sturdy shoulder to lean on. Attorney McGill has assisted residents of Long Beach and cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties for over twenty-three years. Whether you are considering getting a divorce or you are in desperate need of a temporary order of protection or an emergency child custody order she and her associate Maria are the attorneys to call.

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Atty.Angela McGill is an excellent lawyer.She is knowledgeable , organized and thorough. She is also approachable and easy to work with.Her staff are welcoming and courteous. I highly recommend Atty.McGill.

-Former Client Rose MB
If you are looking for the best and Honest criminal and Immigration attorney look no more hire this Attorney shes the best and her team is awesome true story I was facing three years in prison and deportation not to mention i was in ICE Detention Center she got me out on a $3,500 Bond so i could fight my case. she work hard in my case and prepare everything to fight for me even the judge complimented her on how well everything was prepare.. i want to thank her and her firm for helping me and my family getting me out of this nightmare i never when to prison.. on December 6,2019 the Immigration judge granted my petition I get to stay I the U.S.A the best Attorney Angela N Mcgill thank you so much God Bless!!!!

-Former Client Oscar Martinez
Affordable, friendly and informative! I've been dealing with immigration on my own for years, I wish I linked up with this firm sooner! I would like to highlight Maria, who handled my case with care, listening, knowledge and flexibility. This was a tough road with a lot of emotions, but with her help my application, which was not standard at all, was approved within a month of submission! Obviously, that has a lot to do with USCIS, but if I didn't have Maria and Angela to guide me on the right path, it wouldn't have happened at all.

-Former Client Sheer Aviram
I am so thankful for Angela McGill and her team! They helped me from start to finish on my VAWA self petition and adjustment of status and I am now a lawful permanent resident. Angela and her staff are so patient, helpful, and empathetic and they really helped me through this difficult time. They were always there to answer my questions and provided me with valuable guidance and counsel on my case. I could not be more thankful for their help!

-Former Client Lluvia Torres
Great lawyer very appreciative of her and her team my husband had a DUI and he was still able to obtain his residency thanks to their help and services. I will forever be grateful and recommend them to anyone.

-Former Client Mayra Ramirez
I recommend McGill immigration lawyer. She was able to help my husband obtain his resident card. The processes was easy and clear to understand.Thank you for helping our family stay altogether.

-Former Client Mayra Alanis
Mrs. Mcgill is the best. She helps me get my green card. She is very nice person and she has her hands on your case from the beginning til the end. she will prepare you before your hearing date. Her assistant (Joseline) is very nice and helpful too. I really appreciate her helps without her I won't be here. You won't regret to have her represent you in court she will fight for you.

-Former Client Keena
Dear Novis McGil

Thank you once again for the GREAT service. We were very impressed by you and you staff. Less than 13 months from our first meeting with you to GREEN CARD. Brilliant, fast, smooth and friendly.

We really appreciate all the time spent answering our questions during the process. Having you at our meeting with INS was super. The fact that you had everything we needed for the government was important to the smooth flow of the process.

Thanks again, Paul & Rene
Ms. McGill is a brilliant immigration attorney with experience dealing in deportation cases. She provided great counsel for my mother who was trying to obtain a green card to stay in US.

-Former Client Richard Smythe

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